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Couples Counseling

  • Long Marriage Scan – Wife & Husband

  • Couple Scan


  • Uncomfortable at Life; 

  • Personal Self Improvement; 

  • Substance Abuse; 

  • Middle Age Crisis; 

  • Senior Citizens Anxiety

  • Neither study nor work; 

  • Uncomfortable at Work, 

  • Carrer Transition Planning, 

  • Fired Person Crisis, 

  • Uncomfortable at School.


  • Top Level Executives Coaching, 

  • Entrepreneur Viability; 

  • College Students Improvement.

By supporting healthcare providers, can help them provide better care, spend more time with patients, and reduce the costs of mental health diagnosis and treatment. delivers Scientific Diagnose

Interacting with a computer video recording may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of therapy. However, for many patients, interacting with a computer powered by emotional AI can have significant benefits.

Additionally, a virtual process may encourage more in-depth sharing than a human therapist. Some patients might feel more comfortable sharing their struggles with a machine than with another person. An emotional AI-powered can be freeing for patients who have difficulty feeling comfortable in a therapy setting. 

The computer video recording can create an emotionally safe environment for sharing, although promising in its capabilities, and should be a complement to human expert support and supervision.

Most important, emotion AI technology automates emotion extraction, enabling broader access to mental health diagnoses, which is expensive and time-consuming. Now those who may struggle to afford traditional therapy sessions or have difficulty finding time to schedule sessions have an alternative solution to finding and receiving an initial diagnosis. 

These options can be made available when patients need them rather than booking an appointment in advance. This feature can be incredibly use it ful as a therapeutic aid that complements traditional therapeutic delivery.