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Do you feel uncomfortable in life?

Scientifically Self-Awareness of your Emotions through the EMOTIONAL Fingerprint.

Improve your Mental Health and Happiness by solving Critical Issues (Metrics & Alerts).

Emotional FIT is a unique psychometric assessment based on 32 emotional stages that define your personality type.



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Emotional Scan extracts emotions from Facial Microexpressions, Voice Phonetics & Transcripts, find revealing answers to critical questions that generate metrics and ALERTS.


Artificial Intelligence + Hard Data Metrics + Human Perception,  which improves Mental Health and solves critical issues.


Examiner or Observers Bias, Execution Consistency, Personal Interests, Lack of Preparation, and Accountability affect the diagnose outcome.

Emotional Scan – Interview Types

Personal Self Improvement * Middle Age Crisis * Neither study nor work * Uncomfortable in Work * Fired Person Crisis * Entrepreneur Viability * Family Scan * Uncomfortable in Life * Substance Abuse * Senior Citizens Anxiety * Top Level Executives Coaching * Career Transition Planning * Uncomfortable in School * College Students Improvement * Happiness Fingerprint – Diagnose * Marriage & Couples Counseling 

Have you ever seen your EMOTIONS?


Understand what a person and the group FEEL to compare against what is SAID.

Emotional Scan is an effective tool for the human emotional self-awareness & evaluation process in 12+ languages to improve personal mental health and reduce potential risks by activating Alerts.


       Online Help Support / 3-Minute Setup 

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Worldwide Mental Health Statistics


1 in 3 people will be affected by a mental illness at some point in their lives, but only 15% seek treatment, and productivity costs reach 1T USD.

You, your family, and your friends are not alone in solving this challenge! will help you early self-awareness and start a professional atention process with 16 Interview types in 12+ languages.


Premium Service individuals that understand the value of their Mental Health & Inner Peace.

Self Service refers to software as a service where the volunteer performs the interview and self-awareness using online resources.

Corporate Program self-awareness and improves anonymous volunteers’ burnout and stress and also helps understand the company’s critical issues and scientific emotional-data to understand corp climate, thoughts, and emotions!


You can help others and improve their life by recommending Emotional Scan!

Understand what you feel and align it with what you think and say!

After filling out the registration form, your reference will receive an email with instructions and a Promo Code to start the improvement process.

Value Proposition: Unlock the Power of Emotional Intelligence with

Your Comprehensive Solution for Emotional Health and Well-Being. is your go-to platform for scientifically generated metrics. Leveraging advanced AI technology, we offer:

Precision Metrics: Our Emotional Fingerprint™ technology extracts emotions from facial microexpressions, voice phonetics, and transcripts, providing you with accurate emotional metrics and alerts.

Holistic Understanding: We combine Artificial Intelligence, hard data metrics, and human perception to depict your emotional state completely.

Bias-Free Analysis: Eliminate examiner or observer bias, ensuring a more accurate and reliable emotional diagnosis.

Global Reach: Our platform supports 12+ languages, making emotional health accessible to a worldwide audience.

Self-Service and Full-Service Options: Whether you prefer a DIY approach or guidance from a mental health professional, we have you covered.

Actionable Insights: Our platform diagnoses and provides actionable steps for improving your mental health and emotional well-being.

Versatility: With 16 different interview types, is perfect for individuals, mental health professionals, HR departments, and educational institutions.

Discover what you truly feel, align it with what you think, and take control of your emotional health with

*Disclaimer for – Powered by ETC-AI* is an initial self-awareness tool to help identify potential emotional issues. It does not replace professional medical or psychological evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment.

Suppose you or someone you know is experiencing emotional distress or other symptoms. In that case, consulting with a qualified healthcare professional or therapist is essential to ensure a comprehensive assessment and appropriate care.

Relying solely on without seeking professional advice can lead to missed diagnoses or delayed treatment. Always prioritize professional guidance when addressing emotional or mental health concerns.


It was built for the world’s best coaches & therapists!

The target market for Emotional Scan would be individuals and organizations involved in mental health, counseling, and human resources:


  • Mental Health Professionals: Psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists who work with clients to diagnose and treat emotional crises could benefit from Emotional Scan’s ability to extract emotions from remote digital interviews. This technology could help these professionals make more accurate diagnoses and develop more effective treatment plans.


  • Providing remote counseling services could use Emotional Scan to monitor clients’ emotions and ensure they receive the support they need.


  • Human Resources Departments: Companies that use remote interviews for diagnose critical issues and improve hiring by extracting emotions from candidates’ responses. This helps human resources departments identify volunteers experiencing emotional crises and offer additional support.


  • Educational institutions could use Emotional Scan to monitor students’ emotional well-being in remote classes and assessments. This technology could help educators identify students who may need additional support.

Overall, Emotional Scan target market would be individuals and organizations looking for a more accurate and efficient way to diagnose emotional crises in remote settings.


What people are saying

After 30 minutes of using this state-of-the-art AI technology my emotional reality emerged very clearly and now I am closer to Inner Peace.


United States

It is a great solution that help me as Life Coach to diagnose and understand my own emotions because I was uncomfortable at life for some time. This was the first step in scientific diagnose and my improvement process.

Jean Pierre


An excellent tool to substantially improve personal & professional development with impressive support.



The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be
felt with the heart”. Here comes Emotional Scan with cutting-edge technology to scientifically map your emotions to solve human challenges.

Dhanish Edamula

India - ETC Cultural Risk Partner

Emotional Scan is powered by ETC-AI 


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