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and then proceed with the Account Setup.

7 Steps to Success

Roles & Main Processes – Summary

The Account Administrator set up the account, create an Interview Type, and assigned Examiners and Observers to diagnose Volunteers Interview. Therefore, you should use one email for each role.

In the Job Interview Type, Volunteers execute the Remote Video Recording Interview in 4 sessions with 48 questions that take around 30 minutes to complete.

The Volunteer Interview will diagnose & scored by the assigned Examiner and Observers in the Diagnose – Emotional Fingerprint® module. The Question metrics can be reviewed at the Volunteer and a Summary of all Candidates automated and manual scores can be seen by the Examiner and Observers at the Emotional Fingerprint®.

Although it is a state-of-the-art system, Emotional Scan have a simple and easy operating philosophy for candidates and examiners.

You should use one email per each Rol in ETC Solutions (Company Administrator, Examiner, Observer, or Volunteer)

Being a Software as a Service (SaaS) allows us to implement and deliver results in 7 steps to reach its maximum potential.

* The first step is to create the organization profile; it will take you 3 minutes or less!


Organization registration requires you to select the working language, and you will choose from 12 different. If your company operates in more than one language, you must create an account for each one.

You can request a free trial to support a proof of concept.

* Step two, a full set of questions is automatically imported into the selected language, which the organization can customize.

* The third step is to register the examiner and the observers who will evaluate the results.


There is a helpful guidelines page and video to successfully perform the examiner and observer functions.

* The fourth step creates a new job Opening that includes the number of positions.

Each Interview Type must have an examiner and up to 5 observers.

* The fifth step refers to inviting an employee/candidate for a position to take the video recording test.

The Volunteer receives an email with the link to the test video recording module.

It is essential that the Volunteer reads and agrees with the test’s terms and conditions, especially in Personal Data Protection. Unique requirements apply to taking the exam in the United States.

Employees/Candidates can review the HELP and video guidelines to ensure the test is successful.

* The sixth step requires the examiner to review the answers to the questions; automatic alerts are activated at the session, and questions that help in the evaluation process. Finally, the examiner manually evaluates the Good Candidate and the Honesty Score, and also the Candidate skills.

Automated KPIs plus manual scores guide the examiner for a Final Decision about the evaluation process backed-up with scientific data.

* The seventh step refers to The Emotional Fingerprint module as a summary for the examiner to validate the results.

The next step is to count on you as a regular and satisfied customer.

If you have any questions or doubts please contact Zeba Khan the Head of Onboarding & Customer Satisfaction at