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Hello Volunteer,


You are going to participate in the Emotional Scan – Remote Video Digital Interview; it is a simple process that must be executed on a Windows computer with Camera and Microphone.


The Volunteer will receive an email from ETC AI; if you cannot locate it in your email inbox, please check the SPAM mailbox.


When you receive it, you must click the red button to continue.


An additional tab will open in your browser where you can calmly review the questions as it is a NON-invasive process; the system indicates the seconds to answer and the date each question was processed.


When you feel ready to start answering the questions, you have to click on the Open link that will be blinking. You can ask some questions and exit; when you restart again, it indicates the following question in the process.


In each question, a window opens where we can see what the camera is capturing, and we must be careful to activate the microphone. You can talk, and you must listen through the computer.


When you are ready to answer a question, simply click on the Start button, and it will start a countdown; when the Next Question button is activated, you can use it to go to the next question without waiting for the scheduled time to end.


Once all the questions have been answered, the system will indicate that the process has finished.


We appreciate your time and participation.


If you have any questions, please contact your executive in charge.


Emotional Scan